Other Apps From Cluebucket Software


Pazzi is the most recent app to spill out of the Cluebucket. Pazzi is a deceptively simple game that challenges you to clear the board of colored tiles by simply tipping your iPhone around. Simple game play with an intuitive style of play make this one a winner.

Data Rate Converter

A simple utility app to convert data rates. Conversions are updated continuously as the size and units are changed.

Data units include b, kbit, kibit, mbit, mibit, B, KB, KiB, MB, MiB, GB, GiB, TB, TiB, PB, PiB, EB, EiB, ZB, ZiB, YB and YiB.

Time units include seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years.

The swap button allows you to easily exchange the source and result values to “back into” or double check any of your calculations.

Paste the results of your calculation into an email for easy communication


This is a must have application for sailors, wind surfers, fishermen, boaters, weather watchers and anyone else that likes to know what the wind is like out on their favorite body of water.

Windbuoy is a simple, customizable application that retrieves and displays wind speed, direction, gust, air and water temperature and wave height as reported by any one of hundreds of NOAA buoys. Customize the display to show the units that you desire: Speeds can be reported as m/s, knots or mph; temp as celcius or fahrenheit.

Add buoys to your favorites list for easy retrieval. You can search for buoys within a specified distance of your current location or US ZIP code. You can also find buoys by full or partial buoy ID.

(Note that not all buoys report all data items. Windbuoy only displays the data that is reported by NOAA)