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Got an idea for the next killer iOS app? Need some help debugging, er, feature enhancing an existing app? Just looking for some help to get your code out the door? DM me on twitter, I’m always happy to discuss and share!


Cluebucket Software is a Michigan based software development company delivering mobile applications – specifically targeting the innovative features of iOS for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. We strive to create elegant, intuitive applications that will engage and delight your customers and work force.

Cluebucket Software partners with high value talent to deliver all of your app development needs. Our team includes graphic designers, marketers, application developers, localization experts, QA testers and documentation writers.
Cluebucket Software is led by Tom Hoag. Tom has more than 15 years experience in the software and IT industry – experience ranging from software application development and management to software/hardware solution sales. Tom received his MS in Computer Science from Michigan State University.