Welcome to ShortPath!


Your objective is deceivingly simple: find the shortest round trip path that connects all of the locations around town. Think of yourself as a salesman, a busy parent or mail carrier trying to find the shortest path among all of the places you need to visit today. Start where ever you like, but your trip isn't over until you return to your starting point.

Drawing Your ShortPath

To get started, pick a location and tap it. Tap another nearby location to draw your path. Keep going until you have connected all of the locations. Keep an eye on Your Path distance -- when you have found a path that is short as (or shorter than!) the ShortPath that your iPad has found, you've completed the level! But wait, there's more! The city locations get shuffled around and a couple more stops are added in the next level!


Change the look and mood of Short Path by purchasing optional themes -- available for immediate download in the app. You can preview the available themes here. (Purchasing a theme will automatically remove all ads in ShortPath)